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Education and More is a Christian Fair Trade Organization with the sole mission of helping families in Guatemala.

Behind The Scenes with E&M

Tips For Ethical Fundraising For Your Group

October 06, 2015

Do you need to raise funds for your school, church or group and want products that are ethically made and free from child labor; something your group can sell with a clear conscience and know that you are helping families in a developing country to a better future. These tips will help you raise funds ethically. Choose your fundraising package wisely.  Choosing Fair Trade products to use for your fundraiser gives back in many ways: the workers receive a fair wage, there is no child labor involved in the production, many products are environmentally friendly and produced in an eco friendly manner.  Be sure to verify that the company is a member of a Fair Trade certifying organization so that...

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5 Ways That Fair Trade Can Help You Live Out Your Faith

September 29, 2015

In this busy, busy world it is easy to find ourselves wondering how we can live the way our faith calls us to live.  Young parents are especially busy with family, work and children but whether old or young we all have many demands tugging on us each day. So how do we live out our faith in our everyday world? Fair Trade can help you!  Caring for the welfare of children According to the United Nations 215 million children are in the labor force and more than half of them are working in the worst types of child labor - forced labor, hazardous jobs, slavery, drug trafficking and prostitution. One of the principals of Fair Trade is no child...

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