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Education and More is a Christian Fair Trade Organization with the sole mission of helping families in Guatemala.

Behind The Scenes with E&M

Preserving Traditional Weaving, The Backstrap Loom

February 10, 2016

Preserving the culture and traditions of artisans is an important aspect of Fair Trade. One of the traditions in the Mayan villages of Guatemala is that of backstrap weaving, a form of weaving which is known  to have been practiced since about 2500 BC in the Americas. Many examples of early woven textiles have been found and preserved from the regions of South and Central America. The looms have changed very little through the centuries.    Typically made of 7 rods, these looms can be set up easily in small spaces in the home and doesn’t need an entire room like a large foot pedal floor loom. It can be rolled up and set in a corner between weaving sessions. ...

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Pepian - A Delicious Guatemalan Recipe!

January 27, 2016

One of my favorite dishes is the signature Guatemalan dish, Pepian. It is a husky blend of chilis and seeds with tomatoes and tomatillos that are cooked into a thick sauce that is typically served with chicken. Every restaurant and cook will have a slightly different recipe which was handed down to them  but the best pepian I have ever eaten was made by a good friend, Patricia, who invited me to her home in Guatemala.  I had tried pepian in restaurants and wasn't fond of it -- that is until I tasted Patricia's recipe. Follows is Patricia's recipe that was handed down in her family.                     5# chicken or beef3#...

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