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Education and More is a Christian Fair Trade Organization with the sole mission of helping families in Guatemala.

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Introducing A Total Makeover!

February 22, 2015

We have been working for several weeks on a new website and invite you to take a look!  Learn about our programs and how our work has benefited our partner artisans in Guatemala such as our Sponsorship Program which gives students a chance at a future by helping them attend school and our Healthy Homes / Healthy Families program which raises money to repair the homes of our artisans giving them a home which will help their families stay healthy. Our handcraft program -- The Fair Line.... by Education And More -- showcases all of the Fair Trade handcrafts our artisans produce.  Beautiful woven kitchen linens, handwoven and hand sewn purses and bags, beautifully woven scarves, fouta / peshtemal towels...

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A Sponsorship Changed Her Life

January 26, 2015

Nicolasa rarely wanted to go to school.  She didn't smile a lot.  But that has changed because she received a sponsorship a year ago. On our recent visit to her home there was an amazing difference in this cute little girl - she was outgoing, happy and ......... her grades improved dramatically over the previous year.     Her mother said that Nicolasa didn't want to go to school in previous years because they could not afford to buy her school supplies or new shoes and because of this she didn't want to be around the other children.     Nicolasa is learning Spanish now because she is attending school regularly. Her native tongue is K'iche' but it is important that...

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