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Naturally Dyed, Eco Friendly Cotton Yarn-

Naturally Dyed, Eco Friendly Cotton Yarn-

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Naturally dyed eco friendly cotton yarn dyed by our Fair Trade partner artisans.

This type of cotton yarn is purchased by artisans for all their backstrap weaving and it is sold only in this one size which is similar to 18/2 size in the U.S. It is an age old tradition in some villages to dye the natural cotton yarn in a variety of colors using natural plants, bark, leaves, flowers, vegetables, etc. 

Perfect for crocheting, weaving, tatting and other needlework.

100 % Cotton yarn
7 to 8 ounce skeins

This yarn is in the skeins just like the artisans buy it and then tint it. It is not wound on cones.
A customer writes: "Thank you, this is beautiful yarn, lovely color!"

* 100% Cotton
* Dyed by women artisans in Guatemala

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