Help us educate children with your purchase of Bracelets2Educate.

Bracelets For Learning, Bracelets 2 Educate, Rosario

These bracelets are for learning - to help children obtain an education!  We have many styles of bracelets to choose from and the profits all go towards educating children in Guatemala.

The Rosario  bracelet is named for Maria Rosario who is one of the artisans that helps to handcraft these bracelets to earn and income. Make your purchase count towards educating children!  All profits from the sale of our "Bracelets2Educate" go to our Education Fund. 

Many young girls in Guatemala are unable to go to school because their parents lack sufficient funds to send them.  They are often kept home to care for the younger children and help mother with the household. Thank you for giving children hope for a brighter future through education.

You will receive 1 bracelet from the assorted styles of Rosario bracelets -- natural, eco friendly vintage ceramic beads and wood beads have been used in this style of bracelet!

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