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Authentic Guatemalan Handcarved Backstrap Weaving Loom, Yarn Swift and Ikat Warping Board

This a great deal. You get a 29" Backstrap loom that was hand-carved by an Mayan artisan, a handwoven backstrap belt, a yarn swift made in Guatemala and a Ikat warping board fashioned after the ones used in Guatemala. We only have 1 of these sets available.

The Backstrap loom is probably not for the starting weaver because of its size. At 29" it is larger than the ones that are usually used but functions the same. It contains 8 pieces and was hand-carved by our artisan, Juan, who lives in the mountains around Lake Atitlan.

The backstrap was woven by Mayan women in the area around Panajachel and is the typical colors that they use. Made of cotton and woven on a backstrap loom.

The yarn swift was made in Guatemala and is the type used for backstrap weaving. It measures 31" tall and 16" diameter and is slightly tapered to hold the skeins of yarn in place.

The warping board was not made in Guatemala but is fashioned after the ones used by our artisans when warping up the backstrap loom or warping and tying yarn before dyeing it for ikat. It measures 39" x 6 " wide.

The pictures show the items being used by our artisans! We are selling these items as a kit and they are priced as a set. We do not include backstrap weaving instructions but there are some really great ones available on line. You can message us for some recommendations.

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