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Bracelet Stacking Set, Fair Trade, "Turquoise Moons"

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Bracelet Stacking Set, Fair Trade, "Turquoise Moon"  A unique set of 3 bracelets --

1. Memory wire bracelet of job's tears seed beads with handmade, Fair Trade turquoise paper beads.  These paper beads were handcrafted in Uganda by women earning a fair wage.

2. Another memory wire bracelet crafted of soapberry tree seed beads - indigenous to Guatemala.  Early people used these seeds to make soap.  The turquoise beads are the Uganda handmade paper beads.

3. Cute waxed cord bracelet in blue, turquoise and white.  Adjustable.

Sweatshop free, no child labor, all profits returned to Guatemala to educate children, gives impoverished women a fair, living wage! Shop consciously with our ethical jewelry!

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