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Bracelets2Educate Mystery Bundle - Large Bag

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Each Fair Trade Mystery Bundle includes 1 large bag, 1 beaded bracelet, 1 adjustable string/woven  bracelet, and 1 necklace.  100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards the Bracelets2Educate fund and will provide scholarships for children to go to school in rural Guatemala. 

Photo shows a sample bundle. Items included may vary in color or style.

These bags and jewelry are all made by the Mayan weavers and artisans in Guatemala.  Through the sales they are also:

..receiving a fair wage 

..working from home while tending their children instead of a warehouse/factory setting

..receiving minor home repairs 

..medical help

Bundle includes;

1 large upcycled bag from a Mayan handwoven tapestry and leather. This bag is 6x8 and has 1 top zipper and 2 side zippers.

1 necklace

1 beaded bracelet

1 adjustable string/woven bracelet

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