Help us educate children with your purchase of Bracelets2Educate.

Charity Bracelet Stack "Bamboo Delight" Set 3

A charity bracelet stack of friendship bracelets.  "Bamboo Delight" is a set of 3 bracelets -- 2 waxed cord bracelets and one bamboo and wood bracelet.  Very natural and eco looking!

This is part of our Bracelets2Educate collection and a great opportunity for you to help children in Guatemala receive an education because 100% of our profits on all these bracelets goes to our education fund to educate impoverished children.

Sports our apple charm to indicate our passion for education!  Made in the USA.
The women who handcraft the bracelets earn a fair income
The bamboo bracelet is made of eco friendly bamboo and wooden beads.

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