Help us educate children with your purchase of Bracelets2Educate.

Charity Bracelet Stack "Sail Away With Me" Blues, Turquoise

Charity Bracelet Stack "Sail Away With Me"  in beautiful blues and turquoise tones. 

Set of 4 bracelets in this stack.

  • 2 bracelets are adjustable waxed cord bracelets
  • 1 bracelet is a handwoven bracelet that is about 1/2 inch wide and is also adjustable
  • The 4th bracelet is a memory wire of job's tears beads and Fair Trade turquoise paper beads that were made by women artisans in Uganda.

A great stacking set of bracelets that when purchased helps children go to school and get an education!

All bracelets come with our signature education apple charm..

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