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Christian Fair Trade Salvation Bracelet Fundraiser, 300ea

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300 each -- Christian Fair Trade Salvation Bracelet Fundraiser packages are available with Spanish cards or English cards.

When you sell our Fair Trade packages for your fundraising you are not only helping your group raise money but you are helping a woman earn a living and provide for her family. Our handcrafted items are ideal for Christian fundraising -- ethically produced and sourced!

If you would like larger quantities please contact us for a price quote.

Each handwoven bracelet comes with a sturdy card printed on one side with Bible verses.

 Bracelet is approx 6" long and with the ties measures about 12" long- and 1/4" wide.
 One size fits most.
 All Cotton bracelet and handwoven
 Made by women artisans in Guatemala who are able to work at home while caring for their families.
 Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, sweat shop free, no child labor

Item #S21Eng   Item #S21Span

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