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ON SALE!!! Was $34.00.Handwoven Area Rug, Blue and Chocolate Brown Stripes, Ethical Home Decor

Handwoven area rug of blue and chocolate brown stripes. Perfect choice for decorating with ethical home decor!
Unique area rug that was woven by hand on a backstrap loom. Check out our backstrap weaving page to see how it was made. 

Perfect to use on hard floors or even on a carpeted area. Our customers love this unique rug! Soft on your feet!

35" X 24" --- 100% Cotton yarns
Machine wash and dry, gentle
Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, sweat shop free, no child labor

Item #T25

Education And More is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation!

Thank you for helping our artisans with your purchase!


Type: Home Decor

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