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Repurposed, Reusable Market or Grocery Bags,

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Feel good about your shopping with these Reusable Market bags. They are made from 'corte' material found at the used textile market in Guatemala. They can hold a lot of groceries, supplies, beach gear, or whatever you may want to put in them. Since they are reusable, you can reduce your plastic usage when you go shopping.

They also roll up and take very little space when not in use.  Each corte(skirt) makes 5 bags so the designs will vary with the different cortes. No bags  are exactly the same.

Made from cotton and measure approx. 15" wide, 14" tall and 3" deep. The handle is long enough to go over your shoulder.

The ladies receive a fair trade wage when they sew this bag. They also receive other benefits from the sale of this and all of their products because we are a non-profit.


Type: Purses Bags

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