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Turquoise Green Fair Trade Infinity Scarf, Handwoven, Cotton

Vibrant turquoise green fair trade infinity scarf that has been handwoven of all natural cotton yarns.  If you have lots of neutral colors in your wardrobe then this gorgeous scarf will give you a pop of color.

* 68 inches by 16 inches
* Natural cotton yarn
* Hand wash and hang or lay flat to dry
* Education And More is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation!

 We would like for you to meet the ladies in the group Chuchi Weavers that weave these scarves so take a look at their photo along with the photos of the scarf.  This group lives in a very remote area and until we began working with them they had little opportunity to sell their beautiful weavings.  They sometimes sold their table runners  to a wholesaler in the city but the wholesaler barely gave them enough money for their textiles to pay for the yarn they used.  They are very happy to be working with Education And More because they receive a very good income for their work.

 Item # C24gr

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