A Sponsorship Changed Her Life

Nicolasa rarely wanted to go to school.  She didn't smile a lot. 

But that has changed because she received a sponsorship a year ago. On our recent visit to her home there was an amazing difference in this cute little girl - she was outgoing, happy and ......... her grades improved dramatically over the previous year. 


 Her mother said that Nicolasa didn't want to go to school in previous years because they could not afford to buy her school supplies or new shoes and because of this she didn't want to be around the other children.  


Nicolasa is learning Spanish now because she is attending school regularly. Her native tongue is K'iche' but it is important that all children learn the official language of Guatemala which is Spanish. 

Many children do not know Spanish when they start school because their native language is spoken at home.  It is difficult for the children when they start school because they must learn a new language and keep up with their school work too.


Nicolasa's sponsor sends her a greeting card each year with a little note and this small act makes a tremendous difference in Nicolasa's life.  She knows her sponsor is praying for her and cares about her. What a difference a sponsorship has made in the life of little Nicolasa.

We have many more students that could use a little help.  It costs just $3.46 a week or $15 a month to give a sponsorship to a student and change their life!


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