• Student Sponsorship

    We support educational opportunities for students in rural Guatemala through our Student Sponsorship program.

    Student Sponsorship 
  • Healthy Homes & Healthy Families

    We provide home repairs such as new roofs, kitchen stoves, floors, and pilas to our artisans and their families through our Healthy Homes and Healthy Families program.

    Healthy Homes & Healthy Families 
  • Christian Outreach

    We provide monthly bible studies for our women artisans and Vacation Bible School for their children through our Christian Outreach program.

    Christian Outreach 
  • Fair Trade Handcrafts

    We provide our artisans with Fair Trade wages for their work, ensuring that they are earning an income to care for their families through our Fair Trade Handcrafts program.

    Fair Trade Handcrafts 

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