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Education and More is a Christian Fair Trade Organization with the sole mission of helping families in Guatemala.

Behind The Scenes with E&M

International Women's Day Celebrates Julia

March 13, 2021

Julia is the head of our women's cooperative in El Tablon, Solola, Guatemala. There are 28 women in the group and they come together with a variety of skills including weaving fabric on pedal and backstrap looms, making baskets, beading, jewelry making and embroidery. Julia started working at a young age, raised by a single mother. She worked all over the area, Xela, Chichicastenango, and Qetzaltenango in Solola, carrying her son with her as she worked in the fields. She was able to land a job working for a cooperative that gave microloans to women of Q100 and saw how they were working to better themselves and it was there that she discovered her passion for working with and helping...

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Back to School

February 15, 2021

January is the month that students return to school in Guatemala. This year marks an unusual beginning to school for our students, much like in the United States. Residents in Guatemala are dealing with the re-introduction of travel restrictions and gathering limits as COVID-19 cases rise in their country. Many students will not be learning from a traditional classroom but remotely on computers and phones for the few that have them. Those that do not have technology or internet access must walk, bike, or find transportation to get to their school once a week to pick up learning packets. They will complete the assignments on their own and return them the following week. Can you imagine picking up a week’s...

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