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Host a Fair Trade Sale

Make a difference for the women and their children in Guatemala by showing your friends and family a way to shop consciously - to shop for ethically made, sustainable gifts for themselves and to give! Host a Fair Trade sale in your home, church or office with beautiful accessories and home fashions.

If you are tired of reading about workers in unsafe factories, workers being exploited due to unfair labor practices and low wages then it is time to shop consciously for eco fashion and ethically sourced products.  The Fair Line... by Education And More guarantees our products are ethically made and free of sweatshop labor, child labor and unsafe labor practices!  Our partner artisans earn a fair income to help them support their families. 

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Host a Fair Trade Sale!

* get a group together in your church to hold a sale and share how ethical purchases and Fair Trade will help artisans

* helping E&M sell the products that are hand crafted by disadvantaged women so they are able to have hope for the future is extremely satisfying

*families are able to send their children to school to stop the cycle of illiteracy when you help by selling their handcrafted products!

* the knowledge that in your own home you can partner with and help women feed and educate their children in Guatemala. All purchases make a tremendous difference in the lives of mothers and their families.

* the knowledge that every item is ethically made!

* your guests can shop guilt free because our products are Fair Trade, sweatshop free and no child labor has been used!




* fill out the online form to register your sale

* you will receive The Fair Line party box you selected about a week before your party

* invite friends, family, neighbors over for a fun get together where they'll have the opportunity to see and purchase quality handwoven, handcrafted gifts, accessories and home decor items.

*attendees purchase and take home items right from your sale

* you can continue to sell for 3 weeks -- maybe you will be able to sell everything for the artisans!

*don't want a party in your home? then host it at your office, church, dorm, or at a restaurant with a private party room



What Are You Waiting For!



How It Works...............

1. Decide where you are partying! ..... a party in your home, a big sale at your church fellowship hall, garden party, girls night out in a restaurant, at church before or after services, late night in the dorm, your office, a pool party?

2. Fill out the application form to register and schedule your party. Please register approximately 4 weeks before your party or contact us to schedule it sooner. During the fall holiday season our calendar will fill fast so be sure to register early.

3. Pay the $49 down payment.  You will receive credit for this when you send in the sales from your trunk show.

If you have hosted a sale in the past with us through your church or school it is not necessary to send the $49.  If you are hosting for a church it is not necessary to send the $49. 

4. You will receive the merchandise about 1 week before your party along with literature to show guests. Please verify quantities received. Let us know if you would like to have a DVD about our Fair Trade work in Guatemala.

5. Send out invites – by email, phone, text or card to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.

6. Have your party -- but don't stop there! Take the merchandise to work or church and show to more people. Perhaps you can sell all the merchandise for the artisans.

7. Total up your sales at the end of 3 weeks and send the money to our offices for the sales along with any unsold merchandise using the prepaid return label. Education And More pays shipping both ways.

8. You may keep 10% of the total sales to help pay for your expenses ........... but won't you consider donating all your proceeds to help more women and children!

9. Encourage a friend to have a party and help more women and children!


A Little More Information...................

You may keep the merchandise for 3 weeks after your party to try to sell more items.

We ask for a down payment of $49 towards your sales. You will receive credit for this when you send in the sales from your trunk show.

You may email or call with your credit card information or we can invoice you through PayPal if you do not want to fill out the credit card section on the application.

Isn't it awesome that you can have girlfriend time and shopping time and still be able to help mothers in Guatemala earn money for food, medical bills and educating their children!

If someone pays you for merchandise with a check, it should be made out to you -- then you cash all the checks and send your check for the total sales.

Browse our website to learn about our work in Guatemala and about Fair Trade

We are required to charge sales tax to individuals in Kansas but if you are tax exempt please notify us


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