Healthy Homes / Healthy Families

Most of our partner artisans live in homes that are in need of repair and even though the income they earn from E&M for their weaving and handcrafts they are unable to save enough money to fix their homes.

According to statistics from The World Bank over 75% of the rural population in Guatemala lives in poverty. In the State of the World's Indigenous People it is stated that there is a large life expectancy gap between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Guatemala; the child mortality rate is 70% higher and malnutrition is twice as common in indigenous communities. 

Education And More's program, Healthy Homes / Healthy Families, is addressing these needs within our artisan families.  In 2014 we began to help with the repair of all artisan homes --specifically the roofs, floors, walls, kitchen stoves as well as other repairs as needed.

We need mission teams to help in this endeavor. If you have a group of friends that would like to travel with us to Guatemala to do a service project of repairing homes please contact us for setting up a date for your team. No skills are necessary! Our knowledgeable trip leaders will coordinate the work and everyone will be working along side our Guatemalan contractor / foreman  and local workers in addition to the family members of the home.

Service projects to help impoverished women and families are one of the ways you can make a real difference in the world. 


Many of our artisans do not have a concrete floor in their home and when the rusty tin roof leaks the family has a muddy floor. With new or repaired roofs and a new concrete floor, the homes will be dry and will have a dramatic impact on the health of the children and families. The families we serve live in the western highlands of Guatemala and temperatures can become extremely cold at night especially during the rainy season.

We are repairing kitchen stoves or replacing them as needed.  Many of the stoves do not have a vent pipe and the smoke just fills the kitchen. Some of our artisans have only a little campfire in the kitchen to cook on -- you can envision the problems they have with cooking for a family on a little 3-stone type campfire.

Children of the families who receive a repaired or new wood burning, energy efficient kitchen stove will have better health with fewer respiratory problems by eliminating the cooking smoke in the homes. The children will be safer since the mothers will not be cooking on an open campfire in the middle of the room.

Contact us today to see how you can help or get a team together for a special service project trip!

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