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Christian Outreach - VBS and Bible Study




We are so pleased to have the opportunity to present,  in the communities of our partner artisans, Vacation Bible School to the children and our new Mother / Toddler Bible studies.

The artisan groups had invited us to present VBS and the children were really excited to come and learn about Jesus and have fun with Bible stories, crafts, games and singing. They invited many children from their communities and we are delighted with the enthusiasm of all the children who attend.




Guatemalan Children  in Vacation Bible SchoolMost of these children had never been to a VBS before so it was a brand new experience. The children are always asking when we will be coming back!  We would love to have more mission teams to help us present VBS!  Get a group together at your church and contact us to set up a dedicated trip for your team or join one of  our trips. Vacation Bible School - Christian Outreach

Our Mother / Toddler Bible studies began this year, 2015, and so many of the mothers in the communities wanted to come that we have added another Bible study to accommodate the women.  Many of the women do not have the opportunity to attend church since there is none near their homes and they are unable to travel to church. You can make a difference in the world and help us continue with our Christian Outreach!

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