Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced Bracelets = Double The Impact

Millions of charity bracelets, also known as cause bracelets, are sold each year in the United States to raise money for a particular cause or charity. And with these sales comes the opportunity to make a difference not only for the cause but also for the lives of workers who craft the bracelets.




Have you thought about:

  • whether  those bracelets were made in a sweatshop or made by children?
  • the impact it would make in the lives of artisans around the world if all of the charity bracelets were sourced ethically in a Fair Trade manner?  
  • the fact that something so small can help change the world when ethically made?
When you make a purchase would you like to know that a company not only gives back to help the poor but  has also sourced the product in an ethical manner?  Charity cause bracelets caused quite a stir a few years ago when it was found that many bracelets that were sold to help charities had been made in sweatshops.

A simple online search will give lots of eye-opening information about charity bracelets and sweatshops so  you can become a more informed buyer when you want to help a cause or help a charitable organization.

Education And More is launching a new collection in our  Bracelets2Educate  line.   Every bracelet comes with the knowledge that:

  • 100% of the profits are used to educate children.
  • Women are earning a fair income for their work in making the bracelets.
  • Women artisans are able to work at home, not in a factory.



Whether you purchase one for yourself or hundreds of bracelets for an ethical  fundraiser for your school or group,  you can be assured they are ethically sourced under Fair Trade guidelines. You will be giving:

~ an income to a mother.
~ an education to a child.

When you buy a bracelet from the  Bracelets2Educate collection  you double your impact!

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