Tips For Ethical Fundraising For Your Group

Do you need to raise funds for your school, church or group and want products that are ethically made and free from child labor; something your group can sell with a clear conscience and know that you are helping families in a developing country to a better future.

Fair Trade Artisans Craft Ethical Fundraising Packages

These tips will help you raise funds ethically.

  • Choose your fundraising package wisely.  Choosing Fair Trade products to use for your fundraiser gives back in many ways: the workers receive a fair wage, there is no child labor involved in the production, many products are environmentally friendly and produced in an eco friendly manner.  Be sure to verify that the company is a member of a Fair Trade certifying organization so that you can be assured that the products are Fair Trade.

  • Before selling, take the time to educate your entire group of sellers about the impact they are making by selling these products.  If you are using a Fair Trade fundraiser explain that the products are ethically made so when sales are made they will be giving a fair income to impoverished artisans.  A triple impact with Fair Trade sales:

    • fair income for an artisan
    • profits returned to give additional benefits to artisans
    • funds are raised for your group
  • Educate your customers.  In the same way you teach your group of sellers about an ethical fundraiser you should educate your customers - the people to whom you are selling.  They will appreciate knowing exactly how much their purchase helps impoverished families in developing countries. The company where you purchase your fundraising packages should be able to supply you with literature about the benefits of their products and  how it gives back and helps the artisans. Include this information with each sale.

  • Share your impact. After your fundraising sales are finished, take the time to measure the impact you have made on artisans and their families.  Once again, the company where you purchased the fundraiser should be able to give you facts and figures on how you have helped women, children and families.  Perhaps your sales have helped 100 women earn a fair income or helped to educate 200 children or built new homes for 15 families. Whatever the impact your sales make, your sellers as well as your customers will appreciate knowing how they have made a difference.  

 Ethical handcrafts

There are many options available  in fundraising packages, so you may need to do a little bit of online searching to source a Fair Trade ethical fundraiser package.  I encourage you to consider these tips and ideas and then extend your ethical shopping habits to fundraisers for your church, ball team, school, or other organization.

Fair Trade, ethically sourced fundraisers can be found here.

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