Benefits of Hosting a Fair Trade Sale

Are you considering a Fair Trade party at your home or church but don’t really know how much  it will help the impoverished in developing countries or if it really does make a difference to global poverty?

Consider the 7 benefits listed here and what help you give to artisans by selling their handmade items.

  • Fair Trade gives a fair income - a fair living wage - to the producer of the product so the artisan is able to buy food, afford health care for their family, educate their children, and so much more. A certified  Fair Trade company pays the workers very fair wages plus extra benefits that help the family as well as the community.
  • Sales will benefit children because there is no child labor in Fair Trade products and children are free to be children without being forced to work.
  • Having a party empowers you to take a stand with the poor, to begin a  mission to help them step out of poverty, to help them have a brighter future.
  • You don’t need to travel  to a distant country to help reduce poverty. You can serve the poor from your own home or church. You can make a difference in the world!
  • Because many of the handcrafted products are made by single mothers,  the benefits of supporting these women extend to their children and extended family who depend on them.
  • The benefits flow through the communities when the workers have money to spend at the local business or market.
  • Parties give you a platform to share information with your friends about how Fair Trade does not exploit workers in sweatshops  or with unsafe labor practices.

    At your home, in your backyard, at the office, in your church, at a restaurant - it's easy to have a simple party and help those less fortunate!

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


    Many of the handmade products are made by single moms!

    Cindy oneal

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