Meet Adriane - Education And More Board Member

My relationship with Education and More started out in an off-hand fashion. My aunt, Coleen, met some people on a trip. She told me about the work they did in Guatemala to help people living in extreme poverty. I had some shoes lying around that were far too small for anyone in our family, so I donated them to the cause. A couple years later, in 2010, Karen asked me to join the board of directors. I was flattered and nervous. I said yes.

Over the last five years, I have been far from perfect in my role on the board of directors. I have missed deadlines and meetings. I have not yet been to Guatemala to meet our partner artisan groups and their families. Imperfect record aside, I remain firmly convicted that the work we are doing is changing the world as we work to break the cycle of poverty, one school year, one roof, one scarf at a time.

I hope you will take the time to explore our site and learn more about how you can get involved, either through Sponsoring a Child, donating to our Healthy Homes, Healthy Families initiative, or by hosting a sales party showcasing our Fair Trade gifts, accessories and home goods.   If you'd like to get involved or host a fundraiser, you can contact us directly from the website.

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