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She had dreams of becoming a psychologist and working with abused and helpless children but had no money to return to school and continue her education after high school.  Meet Lili, the first student to complete her education and obtain a university degree through Education And More's Sponsorship program.  The program found a sponsor  to give her, as she says, ”a new opportunity, a new future and a new life.”

Student Sponsorship University Graduate

Her letter to our offices tells of her joy.  “Thank you for all the support during my 5 years of college, which without the help of our Lord Jesus and you, none of this would have been possible.  It all started with a dream and thanks to unconditional support became a beautiful reality.  I now have a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and have found a job at an orphanage where I work with abused and abandoned children and adolescents.  I’m doing what I love, helping and supporting children so they can have a new life and future.”

Then with a play on words with the Education And More’s  name she says “thank you again for the education and more and thank you for supporting my country.  May God bless you!”

The Directors of Education And More are so pleased to see one of the sponsored students go so far in their education and then give back so generously to so many others.  

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