Mamas and Toddlers Are Learning About God

A year ago Education And More received a grant from the Lorenz Family Foundation to help us present a new program of Bible studies to the women and their little children in our artisan groups. Our Mother and Toddler program was so well received that we are hoping to expand it this year with more groups.

Christian outreach translators


Our Program Coordinator and her assistant were the translators, speaking Kakchiquel and Spanish they presented the Bible studies to over 2300 attendees during the year.


After a few months we surveyed the mothers and the little children that were attending and asked them why they liked coming to the Bible studies.

  • We like meeting with our friends

  • I don't always understand what is preached in our church.

  • I live too far from church and rarely attend.

  • I like the food. (from one of the children)

  • It helps me learn more about God and I can tell my older children about what I learned.

  • I never get to hear about God except at the Bible studies.
  • To believe in and have more confidence in God
Bible Study in Guatemala

 Last year the ladies and their children learned about the Fruit of the Spirit. It was a fun Bible study to present to them! The mother of one of the little girls recently told us that her daughter loves to tell her papa all about the Bible study and what they learned that day. She would tell her papa about each Fruit of the Spirit and then explain it to him and she was only 5 years old. We are so pleased that the Bible studies have been so well received.



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 Children loving their time learning about God


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