Back to School

Back to School

January is the month that students return to school in Guatemala. This year marks an unusual beginning to school for our students, much like in the United States. Residents in Guatemala are dealing with the re-introduction of travel restrictions and gathering limits as COVID-19 cases rise in their country. Many students will not be learning from a traditional classroom but remotely on computers and phones for the few that have them. Those that do not have technology or internet access must walk, bike, or find transportation to get to their school once a week to pick up learning packets. They will complete the assignments on their own and return them the following week. Can you imagine picking up a week’s worth of homework and teaching yourself without using the internet? These challenges are not holding back our students in Guatemala. They are as motivated as ever to get an education!

Deb and Dana, two of our Education & More board members, were able to see that excitement first-hand on their trip to Guatemala at the beginning of January. They met with our students and their families in Choacruz, El Tablón, Panajachel, and San Antonio during their trip. They delivered bags of food with a selection of items that provide nutrients and add variety for our students and their families. The families loved the addition of watermelon, as fruit is harder to get in their area this time of year. Deb and Dana also delivered backpacks and school supplies to every primary and high school student in the program.


This year 82 students were sponsored by our generous donors. Their school fees have been paid, and they will attend school without worrying about the cost. We still have students that need sponsorship to attend school. School may have started, but it is not too late to help provide an education that will impact a child’s life.

At Education & More, we are working behind the scenes on new projects and trips. Check back soon for updates and announcements!

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