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Aqua Peshtemal Turkish Towel, Ethical Fashion


You will love these aqua peshtemal Turkish towels!  Soft, absorbent and the uses are endless. Are you a conscious consumer?  Do you love to help women earn an income? All of our products -- all of them -- are ethically made and ethically sourced!  Shop consciously in our webstore of all fair trade, eco friendly fashion accessories and sustainable home fashions!

If you're headed on a vacation be sure to take one of these peshtemal towels -- use as a beach blanket, picnic cloth, travel towel, swimsuit wrap.  What can you think of?? These are the hottest selling towel in Europe according to some magazines and they are one of our best selling Fair Trade items!

A handwoven fouta towel will last for years because of the quality of the yarns and the weave.  Toss in the washer and dryer a couple of times before you use it the first time for maximum absorbency.  The more wash and dry the softer they become. 

72 inches X 36 inches

Item - A12aqua

The purchase of these towels gives artisans a way to earn a fair income to support their children.

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