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Black and White Buffalo Plaid Picnic Blanket, Child-sized Beach Towel.

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This is the perfect size for a picnic for 2, or a shawl, or for a Turkish Towel for a child, or a beach towel, or a wedding gift for your favorite new couple. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Handwoven by the artisans in Guatemala out of 100% cotton.  The weaving is done on a foot pedal loom and helps provide a living wage for the women. All of our products are made under Fair Trade guidelines so you can be assured that the women who made the item you are buying received a fair wage for their labor. 

* 100% cotton in Black and White

*  27" x 50" plus fringe

*  Fair Trade, No Child Labor

*  Item # T45

Type: Unknown Type

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