Our Missions

Vacation Bible School Program

 Are you looking for a volunteer vacation to share your Christian faith - or are you interested in helping fund Christian outreach programs around the world? Our Christian programs are for you!

The little children of our artisan groups are so excited when they find out we are returning with another session of VBS!  Their mothers report that the children keep asking until they find out when we are coming again -- how wonderful it is for us to hear that!  We love sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them!

Help our VBS program by getting your Youth Group, Bible Study, or entire church involved in raising funds so we can continue to bring God's Word to them.

Contact E&M about setting up a trip for your group to volunteer in Guatemala to present VBS with us. Our trained trip leaders will facilitate the mission trip so your group can make lasting memories during their time in Guatemala sharing the Gospel with the children! If you prefer to join a scheduled trip, be sure to see our webpage of volunteer mission trips.

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 Student Sponsorship and Educational Support Fund



Helping students receive an education is a priority for Education And More and through our Student Sponsorship program we help students of all ages to attend and excel in school.

From kindergarten through the University -- we help students. Education is the best way out of poverty! Donate to our general fund or sponsor a student and give the life changing gift of an education!

Help Students Attend School


 Host A Fair Trade Trunk Show!


 Have fun selling our Fair Trade, ethically sourced and sustainably made accessories and home decor handcrafts and help women and children in Guatemala at the same time.

Engage your women's group to host a Trunk Show at your church or have a party in your home.

At our trunk shows you can shop consciously with all ethically made products! Every sale helps our artisans provide for their children!

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 Healthy Homes & Healthy Families Program

Our Healthy Homes & Healthy Families program helps improve the living conditions and the health of our artisans and their families.

We are repairing their homes by laying new concrete floors to replace the dirt floors, installing new energy efficient wood burning kitchen cooking stoves, replacing roofs so the homes are dry during the rainy season, installing electricity, and repairing walls from earthquake damage.  

Join one of our volunteer mission trips and help with a service project to repair homes.  If you have a group of individuals who would like to form a team just contact us to set up a trip for you.

Help Provide a Healthy Home!


Fair Trade Handcraft Program

We partner with several artisan groups in Guatemala to help them earn a fair income for their handcrafts. The Fair Line by Education And More is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and follows the guiding principles of International Fair Trade. 

Our online store, The Fair Line by Education And More, showcases the beautiful woven and handcrafted items, ethically made by our partner artisans.  Every purchase helps an artisan support her family. See more about our partner artisans and backstrap weaving here.

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