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Alternative Gift - New Wood Burning Kitchen Stove

Alternative Gift - New Wood Burning Kitchen Stove

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Giving the gift of a new kitchen stove is a priceless gift for a mother!

The typical kitchen stove of our artisan groups is a concrete block stove and uses a tremendous amount of wood to cook. Many of the stove pipes are blocked with creosote or simply not working and the smoke then fills the kitchen area which is extremely hazardous for the women who are in the kitchen cooking.

Some of the women have nothing but a campfire pit in the middle of their one room home and it is a hazard for the young children as they play in the house especially the little ones learning to walk.

Replacing the stoves and /or stovepipes improves the respiratory health of all the family and the risk of the little children falling into the fires are eliminated.

We replace the stove with an energy efficient wood burning stove that uses 60% less wood resulting in less deforestation --  which is prevalent in Guatemala.  We have many families that are needing new stoves so we appreciate everyone who gives an alternative gift of a kitchen stove!

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