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Sustainable Home Decor Turkish Fouta Towel, Soft Yellow


Sustainable Home Decor Fair Trade Turkish fouta towel that is a beautifully muted yellow with white stripes.  100% natural cotton yarns were handwoven on foot pedal looms by our partner artisans. What a wonderful gift for that eco conscious couple about to be married! 

A fouta is also called a peshtemal or hammam towel and was originally used in Turkish bath spas centuries ago.  Now they are useful in so many ways: bath towel, beach blanket, sarong, swimsuit wrap, pool or deck chair cover and so much more.

So very absorbent and dries quickly!  We recommend that you wash and dry once or twice to produce maximum absorbency.  The more it is washed and dried the softer the towel becomes! 

We have many colors to choose from so check our listings here.

71 inches by 35 inches

Item #A12yell

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