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Ikat Yarn for weaving, hand dyed

Hand-dyed cotton ikat yarn ready to put on a backstrap loom. Making Ikat designed yarns is very labor intensive but is used by Mayan weavers in most of their weavings. The ikat is generally used in very small lines in the weaving because of the time consuming dying process. This ikat was hand dyed in Guatemala by our artisans.

Approximately 6 feet in length.  The yarn is tied in 5 separate sections before dying and so can be easily separated to make several smaller lines of ikat in your weaving.

100% cotton

Colors are   ....Green/Black....Orange/Black.....Dark Orange/Black...

Yellow/Black.....Magenta/Black......Please mention which color you want.

Each skein weighs .3 oz.  

Quantities of each color vary so please email us for more information.

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